How it Works

Although tattoos are designed to be permanent, almost every tattoo fades and naturally loses color over time. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, lasers help speed up the natural fading process of tattoos. Our powerful Q-switched laser system, the Astanza Trinity, is specially designed to target and remove ink trapped deep inside the skin.


The Astanza Trinity laser uses light energy and three powerful wavelengths to penetrate the skin, shatter ink particles, and eliminate ink. Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective, and only noninvasive method of tattoo removal that can reach deep enough into the skin without harming any surrounding skin tissue. This results in minimal side effects and no scarring!


Over a series of treatments, the ink particles that are shattered by the laser are naturally flushed away by the body’s immune system. You will visibly see the tattoo fade over the weeks following each treatment until all the ink has been eliminated.

Complete removal can only be achieved with the right technology. We’ve invested in the Astanza Trinity for this exact reason. Unlike other lasers on the market, the Astanza Trinity used at L.E.O. Laser Errors Off is able to treat a wide variety of tattoo colors. Wavelengths are a key factor in the laser tattoo removal process because specific wavelengths are necessary to remove specific groups of ink colors. The Astanza Trinity uses three separate wavelengths of light energy to remove the full spectrum of colors.

* 1064 nm – black, brown, violet, dark blue

* 532 nm – red, orange, yellow, some greens

* 694 nm – vivid blue and green tattoos (which most clinics can’t remove)

Furthermore, the Trinity emits high pulses of energy in ultra-short pulse durations, resulting in the highest peak power. This allows better ink shattering, faster removal, and fewer overall treatments for you, regardless of the colors of ink in your tattoo.

Trusted by leading practices worldwide, the Trinity is the most reliable Q-switched Nd:YAG and ruby laser combination system available and is sure to generate the results you want. Our technology and dedication to great results makes us the leading experts of tattoo removal in the Tri-State area!