Molly Rodriguez, The Nutrition Nurse, RN, MPH.

Molly's rich experience in nursing and public health equip her with the ability to deliver results! She understands most symptoms people experience today are a direct result of their gut health and food choices. Molly is a mom, wife and loves to dance.e


Jan, RN, Mom of 4

I was overweight for quite a while, tired of yo-yo dieting, and struggled with gaining more back than was lost. I was introduced to the 30 Days to Healthy Living through Molly. I have lost 40 pounds from the program and her coaching and have been able to maintain that for the last year and a half. Love my new lifestyle, never go hungry and I feel great, as I do not have the joint stiffness that I once had, either. I had prayed for a weight loss solution for so long and I am so grateful for the 30 Days to Healthy Living!!!

I’m so thankful for the gift of nutrition from 30 Days to Healthy Living and The Nutrition Nurse! I’ve struggled with some autoimmune skin inflammation issues and was finally learning how to heal my body from that damaging time, then the 30 Days helped me stop having flare-ups by keeping my body more alkaline and nourished so I can enjoy a vibrant active life.

Drenda, Fitness Instructor, Mom of 5

Katie, Clinical Social Worker, Mom of 2

Molly is an incredible health educator! She makes complex topics accessible and tailors her nutrition coaching to each individual’s needs and goals. Since completing my nutritional reset program with her coaching, I’ve been able to manage my weight, My energy has never been higher and the quality of my seat is excellent – I need a few hours and wake up each morning without an alarm! Molly has helped me to ninja what foods do you want in my body and to learn how to make simple swaps in my everyday life for optimal health.

Master classes available:

  • 30 Days to Healthy Living$305 with referral discount
  • Understanding Your Gut Health$305 with referral discount
  • Food is Fuel or Food is Poison$305 with referral discount

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